The Advantages and Disadvantages of Temporary Employment

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Temporary Employment ImageSometimes in business you run into labor shortages. Your company is growing rapidly. You may be won the tender on large orders. Whatever the reason you are in a position of needing help. The question is whether hiring some form of temporary employment is the right thing for your company? Now to find answers of that question you need to know some advantage and disadvantage of hiring temporary labor.

So let’s began with some of the benefits of using temporary staff. It is easy to find an agency that can help to facilitate recruiting workers you need. There are many agencies that help to provide workers for companies in need. Many of them even specialize in worker for different industries. If you need an accountant, clerical help, warehouse worker, or a delivery driver you can find one. So finding the help you need will not necessarily be that hard of a task.

Another advantage is that people that are hired  through a temp agency are interviewed and their references checked. By that way, they can ensure that people is the best qualified for your business needs. Even if you no longer need them, you can inform the agency and let them go. When the time comes that you need someone else you can go back to the agency and ask for someone be sent out. Even if you find that the person that is sent to you is not suitable for your work environment or that you are comfortable with them, you can request a replacement.

After we know the advantages, then we can consider the disadvantages. The first thing is can be the cost. Now for certain position this is no problem. A good accountant can be worth every cent. But what if you need a warehouse worker? You may find that your temp worker will cost your company more than a regular worker. Since you are not paying the workers directly. They receive their salaries from the agency. Agency send their invoices. But just like other things involving money everyone needs their cut. The employee must be paid, the agent needs to make money, the worker insurance must be covered, taxes must be paid, and all other expenses related with the worker.

Another factor to consider is what happens if you find an employee that you wanted to hire full time. Often they have a contract with their agency. The contract is usually for a specified period. You can employ the worker until the contract runs out and then hire them or many of their contracts have buyout options. This means you can buy a contract of the employee from the agency. The problem with the second option is that the purchase price can run in thousands dollars depending on how much time is left on the contract.

So, whether you choose to go the route of employing temporary or not is up to you. You only need to do some research first. Check into the labor companies in your area. Discover the various costs related with the type of worker you are looking for. You can find there are many agencies and workers out there for you to choose from.

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